Frequently asked questions

Why are seamless rain gutters essential?
Rain Gutters protect the sides of your home from unsightly stains, protect your fascia and paint from deterioration, and Rain Gutters also protect your cement and/or landscaping from erosion. Rain Gutters are for look, function, & add value to your home.

Experiencing Problems with your Home or Deck Foundation?
One of the primary reasons your home needs gutters is because your foundation could crack and lead to costly repairs. Due to a build-up of saturated soil below your foundation from in-efficient drainage, as the temperature becomes hotter and colder (seasonally) the soil contracts and expands beneath your foundation. Some of the soil will “washout” causing a shift in your home.

Experiencing Stains to Stucco and Siding?
The rainwater that is dripping off your roof has dirt, pollen, and chemicals from the atmosphere in it that can cause your stucco and siding to stain or discolor. In addition the rainfall that drips to the ground causes the soil, vegetation, and concrete elements to “back-splash” onto your home.

Experiencing the Washout of Landscape Beds, Topsoil, and Vegetation?
The rainwater that runs off your roof can cause damage to your vegetation and even kill them due to the lack of proper drainage. The rainfall run-off can also washout the landscape soils, mulch, and aggregate rock and lead to costly & time consuming repairs.